The Beauty in Pattern, Pineapples & {Im}Perfection

Pattern and pop.  We hear those terms a lot.  Especially in design.  And especially in the summer.  Maybe there is just something about the bright sunshine that helps illuminate these punchy patterns that energize and engage us.  Here we will see how three approaches to pattern and design shine in their own imperfectly perfect ways!

Geometric + Organic

Design Milk this week featured an artfully displayed and innovative array of patterns on various objects by Judy Kaufmann, a Barcelona-based illustrator.  The range of organic, geometric and energetic patterns was really inventive!

geometric organic

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4 Ideas for Creating a Succulent Garden

succulent container garden

Succulents are an excellent choice for any gardener, but especially good for the garden-challenged folks among us. These hardy plants can withstand just about any climate (wet or dry, sunny or shady, windy or not). Not to mention that they offer a gorgeous array of colors and textures that will fit any decor. Here are a few ways to add this interesting plant to your outdoor space:

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The Definition of Planters

city rooftop planters

For decades, we have used planters to adorn spaces. We fill them with colorful flowers for the front porch and back patio. We add overflowing greenery to give our entryways added beauty and character. We line our windowsills with little pots for growing herbs, we use big planters for potted vegetable gardens on lanais and balconies and plant lush foliage in large planters for dramatic effect. Continue reading

Elaborating on a Picnic


The age-old tradition of picnicking will always be a part of our cultural landscape. How many of us recall these famous lyrics?

It sure is mellow grazin’ in the grass,

What a trip just watchin’ as the world goes past.

The sun beamin’ down between the leaves,

and the bir-ir-ir-irds dartin’ in and out of the trees.

Ahh, the sounds of summer and the nostalgic tunes that remind us how great it is just lazing in the grass. Appreciation of nature – this is the essence of a picnic. There’s also a style to picnicking. In fact, there are three styles and although each is different, they share common denominators. Continue reading