Ever Graceful: The Timeless Catalina Collection

catalina club chair

The catalina collection embodies romantic garden furniture in its rich use of understated detail.  The intersection of these decorative aspects provides an unparalleled air of understated elegance.  Subtle weathering atop heavy-gauge aluminum frames gives the appearance of classically weathered wood; the charming curves and stance of the seating lend a confidence and ease; and crossback styling casts wide appeal as a universal favorite.  A true and timeless design. Continue reading

Fabulously Colorful Cushions for Famously Colorful Homes

outdoor cushions

With an extensive line of fine outdoor furnishings, we have the privilege of interacting with a variety of customers from the West Coast to the East Coast and everything in between, and we’re pretty thrilled when our products land on the porches and patios of homes across America, and in particular, some of our nation’s most picturesque waterfront cities. Continue reading

The Moderne Collection: Refined Comfort, Innovative Design

modern collection

Pioneering advancement in outdoor furniture styling and construction, the Moderne collection epitomizes the sophisticated union of material, design and resilience.  Furniture pieces feature premium, all-weather N-dura® wicker woven over rapid water-shedding foam and a powder-coated aluminum subframe.  With mid-century modern silhouettes that are equal parts stylish, comfortable and state-of-the-art supportive, you have the experience of avant-garde outdoor living in every sense! Continue reading