What an Interior Designer Can Teach You About Outdoor Storage

outdoor storage chest

Finding adequate ways to store your outdoor belongings can be a challenge, especially when you don’t want to bring them inside the main house. Erica Kalkofen, interior design/remodeling expert and owner of EK Kitchens & Design, shared these organizational tips that are bound to inspire you to tackle your own outdoor storage challenges. Continue reading

Make Your Backyard Feel Like a 5 Star Resort

backyard resort

photo from conteandconte.com

If you want your backyard to feel like a 5 Star Resort, first you’ll need to explore what that looks like for you since everyone may have a different resort setting in their mind’s eye.  For instance, do you enjoy golfing or would you rather lay by the pool? Do you prefer a full juice bar and grill area at your disposal or just a weather-resistant (lockable) cabinet nearby that can house your liquor, mixers and snacks for impromptu parties?  Do you envision a relaxing setting or something geared for activity? Continue reading

3 Ideas for Edible Gardening on an Urban Balcony

For most people who live an urban lifestyle and love having a balcony garden, the biggest challenge to growing fresh fruits and vegetables is space. We’ve got tips to help maximize limited space on your balcony, terrace or rooftop, so it can be a place of abundance where plants thrive and produce heartily throughout the growing season.

how to layer garden plants

photo from blog.americanmeadows.com

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Interview with the creator: Sourcebook 2014


John Baker is the founder and CEO of Thos. Baker LLC. He’s been serving customers for more than 10-years. For most of that time, John’s been producing some of the most attractive and informative catalogs in the industry. In large measure, it’s what’s made the company the success it is.

The 2014 Sourcebook is the 18th catalog in the series and will push the total recipient number past four million. We thought it would nice to chat with John about this year’s effort. Continue reading