Thos. Baker Moments: The Art of Lounging

The chaise lounge has long been a summertime (or anytime) favorite.  Moments of invited relaxation are captured here in our fine collections of chaise lounges in premium, all-weather teak, aluminum and wicker.   The chaise lounge is so much more than a piece of furniture; It embodies the essence of an outdoor lifestyle unique in its ability to simultaneously provide comfort, rest and a little hint of luxury.

Treasured Teak

Settle into an enduring classic in our teak chaise lounges; Enjoy single or double lounge chair options in our veranda and wing point collections.  Our veranda collection greets you in classic mid-century design while our wing point chaise offers the widest bed in its class, a spare aesthetic and commercial durability.  Both are meticulously constructed from Grade A, sustainably harvested plantation-grown teak.

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Attractive Aluminum

Refined.  Elegant.  Timeless.  These are some of the adjectives that have become routine descriptors of our lovely hedges, terrace and catalina collections.  Each a stylistic statement in its own right, these chaise lounges provide a distinctive presence to all of your outdoor spaces and are composed from aluminum frames so resilient you may think you have a new collection each year!

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The Warmth of Wicker

Sometimes it is helpful to see the form of your furniture when you have several options to choose between and distinguishing the details feels important.  Here we have done just that in showcasing our wicker chaise lounges so that the considerations of style, function, scale and your overall needs can be parsed out.  Whichever option you choose, you can feel confident in the quality and longevity of our premium wicker.

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Sunrooms for the Holidays

Sun Room at Christmas

The sunroom. A delightfully versatile space. Often a room designed for quiet times or relaxing in good company. Always a room made for bathing in sunlight. The sunroom not only invites light in, it invites those that spend time there to enjoy a wonderful view of the world outside by watching the seasons melt slowly together. From the warm days of summer to the frosty days of winter, the sunroom honors the canvas upon which nature paints.

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